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And The Winner Is...

If it ain't broke, don't privatize it!

by Andy Menconi of San Francisco, CA
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The Republicans are running a $100 million public relations blitz to convince Americans to privatize Social Security. After four months of election-style campaigning to drum up support for his plan, last week George W. Bush showed his cards—embracing massive cuts in Social Security benefits as part and parcel of Social Security privatization.

Well, we don’t need $100 million dollars because we have the creativity, intelligence, and talent of the American people, who know how to spot a scam and, better yet, know how to expose one in Flash!

Lots of brilliant Flash animators worked long and hard, and they created hilarious, bold entries. More than 140,000 MoveOn members voted to decide the 10 finalists. Our panel of celebrity judges chose a winner.

And the winner is..."If it ain't broke, don't privatize it!" by Andy Menconi of San Francisco, California. Both the judges and MoveOn members picked "If it ain't broke" as their favorite—a popular and critical smash hit!

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